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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Guildhall and more news

First and foremost - the story of Guildhall - School for Music and Drama

Situated adjacent and conjoining with the Barbican. I arrived early and sat around and did some stretches. I was in a positive frame of mind- I wonder if I was marginally less nervous that the first couple of auditions that I went to? Perhaps this is getting a little easier with practice.

Signs directed me to a certain room within the school where three lovely second year students were waiting - on hand to assist for the entire session. We gathered in this room - about ten in all, but I gathered that a few were missing due to the snow. Once we all registered we were led to the adjoining room where the panel of two were waiting. They gave us a little speech and then led us in a group warm up. All very friendly -getting us relaxed and in the mood. One of the exercises for example was to make the number 13 or the letter W - so we organised ourselves on the floor without speaking.

Then we were all back into our own room with the students (who were very very friendly and decent) and called one by one to the panel. To my relief I was up first and was accompanied in with one of the students, my buddy. They took in my speeches and directed me to drop any previous work that I had done and be as natural and as 'me' as possible. The emphasis was on putting the focus on the person I was talking to and what I was trying to persuade them towards -this would free myself from any kind of acting for 'show'.

They saw all 3 speeches, didn't ask to have me sing and then sat me down for a chat. All very good I thought and left to join the others and watch them go up one by one for the same treatment as we all had a lovely chat. After everyone was seen the panel came into our room to deliver the news of who was to be asked for a recall.

"Sometimes we recall 5 people, sometime 0. Please understand that we are not only looking at skill and talent but also the suitability of you for our particular course. Today we will only be recalling one person..."

And they read my name. the day and a half final recall is in May sometime. Excellent.

Further news:

Email received today from Central...they are recalling me on both acting strands- final recall, the week after next. In the same week I will also be doing my final recall at Bristol. And the week after is my 'second first audition' at LAMDA.

So to recap - 4 schools in the round recalls for 3/4. Its all to play for. Next update after LAMDA, BRISTOL+ CENTRAL have occurred. Fingers crossed and back to work for me!