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Sunday, 6 June 2010

What news?

Well- first on the agenda- NO NEWS FROM BRISTOL...still.

And so The Guildhall recall...

I had a lovely feeling about Guildhall from the start and so hoped that the recall would be a pleasant experience at the least. The recall was to last a day and a half structured as follows.

I saw three panels of two members for 15 minute auditions. The panel members are current teachers at the school. In these panel auditions I showed my speeches and briefly worked on them, responding to directorial notes from them. One panel also looked at my song.

I would have a 2 hour physical workshop in a group of 10-15 people after which we each also showed our speeches to the panel. This time of three teachers.

We each had a meeting with the head of the school - a brief kind of how d'ye do.

Finally we each had a brief meeting with a singing teacher who heard our song and had a little chat about our singing training.

In total therefore, I was assessed by eleven members of staff, in a period of roughly three and a half hours. However, as I am not the centre of the universe they did not arrange to see me one after the other, and so I had to bide my time as everything was scheduled out over the day and a half period.

I was very impressed with their approach of having a great number of people assessing each of us. It gave them a chance to see us from every angle, and us the opportunity to show them. I left feeling good about the whole thing. working with each panel was exciting and challenging.

They do all of their recalls over the course of a week and so I had to wait whilst they saw everyone else before they were to decide who they offered places to. The outcome?