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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

An Update for Old Followers of This Blog

It's wonderful to learn that this blog was helpful and enjoyable to you. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

As requested here is an update!

Yes I did choose Guildhall. Well, I didn't get into Bristol in the end so there wasn't much choice...but I would have chosen Guildhall had there been ;)

I went and had a wonderful three years of full-time study there. I graduated with a First Class BA, signed with a prestigious talent agent and have since been working professionally for the past two years.

In fact I just finished a five-month theatre touring job...if you'd like to read about it...check it out here.

Sorry I didn't update this until now. If you have any further questions I'll be happy to answer. I still work at Guildhall from time to time; helping out with their auditioning process so I have a good deal of insight into the selection procedure.

In fact, last year I was working as a helper when a certain young lady who was auditioning revealed that she had read this blog and asked if I was the same Tom! Extraordinary!