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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

It gives me an ongoing sense of astonishment how popular this blog has become!

In the past year, whilst working on the auditions at Guildhall (it's now 3 years since I graduated) around 10 applicants asked me out of the blue if I was the same "Tom" that wrote this blog. One lovely guy said that it had "kept him sane."

I'm so grateful for the kind feedback! We're all in this journey of trying to be better actors together so it's wonderful to see others benefit from the story of my journey.

I'm writing today with news that I have founded a youth theatre company in Brighton, check it out...

We're kicking off this August 2016 with a 2 week intensive acting workshop open to anyone aged 17-25 keen on experiencing a sample of professional training. It would be a great foundation for anyone applying to drama school.